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Mindful Magazine

"Wolf discovered...A natural convergence of mindfulness and music, where each practice deepened the other. Meant for his fellow musicians at any level, this book offers a plethora of music-based mindfulness exercises for the 'transferable virtues' music can cultivate."

Parade Magazine

"This best-selling book has literally been a guide for many musicians and top music industry insiders who are tragically the most vulnerable to our current age of uncertainty...A great ready for any musician!"

The New Yorker

"A manual for achieving calm in a tumultuous world...Wolf provides steps for communing with the space around us, becoming more aware of all the ambient clutter of daily life."


"'Listening to music can aid in meditation as a method of concentrating the mind,” explains Richard Wolf, who teaches music and mindfulness at University of Southern California and is the author of In Tune: Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness."

Musical Merchandise Review Magazine

All of a sudden, my meditation practice – and my music playing and listening skills – were turbocharged. The best part was the increased silence entered all parts of my day-to-day activity. Who would ever think that practicing my chops could be used as a path to present moment awareness, or as I think of it, a “sacred space?”

New York Journal of Books

"The techniques, key steps, and commentary that Wolf provides in each chapter as he blends music and meditation together will prove beneficial to the reader who wants to cross these bridges for a more meaningful mindfulness."

The Daily Trojan

"Dugan’s mindfulness practice was drastically amplified by adjunct professor of music industry Richard Wolf’s “Music and Mindfulness” course at USC. He confesses that Wolf’s class showed him how improving his meditation practice could make him a “better musician, more creative and happier.”


"You need the silence. The silence is where it's at, getting into the stillness and the silence. And then you can go beyond sound and silence, beyond existence and non-existence, beyond perception and non-perception. That's a place where it's nice to be."

Publishers Weekly

"Readers with even slight musical background will enjoy Wolf's sharp, useful suggestions to make mindfulness a more achievable goal."

The Hollywood Reporter 

"Tyra's sensibility is urban-flavored and fashion-forward in music too", observes Emmy-winning composer Richard Wolf, one of the main suppliers of music for the show through his company the Producers Lab. 

Jewel Never Broken

"Because when the music stops, you still need to face the challenges of life. Building on the foundation of music, mindfulness can refine skills that help cope with these challenges in real world situations."


"...what happens when the music stops? Can this [musical] ability be redirected towards genuine spiritual action? Emmy Award winning composer, multi-platinum-selling music producer Richard Wolf, for one, thinks there’s a connection."

SESAC Focus 

Richard Wolf floats a nautical metaphor to illustrate his ever-shifting career. "You catch a wave if your surfboard is in good shape, but you can't plan." 

Spirituality & Health

Spirituality and Health magazine reprints "The Art of Deep Listening" from In Tune.

Music Connection

Composer/producer Richard Wolf was awarded a recent Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Music Composition & Direction for the animated WB series Static Shock. 

The Hollywood Reporter

"I didn't really have any notion of it," Wolf says. "(However,) going in, it was very exciting because you know that there are a lot of people who are going to hear your music..."

The Daily Trojan

Wolf advocated for meditation as a means of quieting one’s internal critic and reconciling concepts of the ideal and the real, citing an array of celebrated artists who have sworn by meditation to induce creativity, from singer-songwriter Paul McCartney to rapper Kendrick Lamar to film director David Lynch, who famously said, “Negativity is the enemy of creativity.”

The Hollywood Reporter

"The beauty of doing a show like this is that you can draw on a broad spectrum of styles. Superhero animation... can be a virtual playground for composers..." - 'Static Shock' composer Richard Wolf 

MIX Magazine

Richard Wolf has some unconventional assistance while he composes music for the new WB Network animated television program Static Shock. 

The Washington Post

"I think remixers now are analogous to what songwriters were in the '50s," says Richard Wolf, half of Wolf & Epic, the hot new kids on the remixing block...

The Hollywood Reporter

Richard Wolf of eSoundtrax explains that while some production music is written specifically for use in music libraries, a great deal of it is the result of work done by musicians purely for their own pleasure... 

Pro View Vol. 16

Wolf explains, "I've been using the M1 since the early 90's when we did the first Bell, Biv, Devoe record and the remix of Seal's first single. If I like a keyboard I'll keep using it forever because each one has its own characteristics... 

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