"A manual for achieving calm in a tumultuous world...Wolf provides steps for communing with the space around us, becoming more aware of all the ambient clutter of daily life."

- The New Yorker

"Wolf discovered...a natural convergence of mindfulness and music, where each practice deepened the other. Meant for his fellow musicians at any level, this book offers a plethora of music-based mindfulness exercises for the "transferrable virtues" music can cultivate."
- Mindful Magazine
"Readers with even slight musical background will enjoy Wolf's sharp, useful suggestions to make mindfulness a more achievable goal."
- Publishers Weekly
“When I began reading, I couldn’t put it down. When I got to the end, I re-read it. All of a sudden, my meditation practice—and my music playing and listening skills—were turbocharged. . . .I [am] unaware of any other book that created a roadmap for the musician to master the art of mindfulness.”
- Music Merchandise Review Magazine
"The techniques, key steps, and commentary that Wolf provides in each chapter as he blends music and meditation together will prove beneficial to the reader who wants to cross these bridges for a more meaningful mindfulness."
- New York Journal of Books
"Not since Ram Dass's 1971 treatise Be Here Now has a Western writer truly examined the relationship between meditation and art as Richard Wolf does in In Tune."
- Clyde Lieberman, Emmy-Award winning producer of "The Voice"
"In this book, Richard Wolf reveals the inner workings of the transformational power of music and guides us further on the path of living in this world in a harmonious way.”
- Krishna Das, International Chant Leader
"Richard Wolf uniquely shows how the combination of music and silence can be a doorway into the life-changing benefits of a mindfulness practice"
- Allen Weiss, Director of Mindful USC

A practical guide to applying the skills of musical study to meditation, for a more mindful approach to art—and life.


Anyone who has ever taken a music lesson knows that practice is the key to success. The same is true for another transformative discipline—meditative mindfulness—and yet, so often the two fail to harmonize. In Tune syncs these practices to heighten the benefits of each and increase composure, clarity, creativity, leading to a deeper appreciation of your whole experience. 


Award-winning music veteran Richard Wolf offers twelve conceptual “bridges” between music and meditation—including Dedication, Concentration, Patience & Perseverance, Transcending the Self, and Silence—plus a broad repertoire of music-based meditation exercises to incorporate into daily practice. Colorful personal anecdotes of famous musicians—from Miles Davis to Dr. Dre—further illustrate the power of meditation to unleash creative potential. As a result, your practice—whether it’s listening to a favorite song, preparing for a musical performance, or settling into a meditation seat—becomes a joy in and of itself. And its payoff—of inner silence—becomes even more valuable in our increasingly noisy world.

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"This best-selling book has literally been a guide for many musicians and top music industry insiders who are tragically the most vulnerable to our current age of uncertainty."
- Parade Magazine