• Richard Wolf - Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness

About the "Wolf In Tune" Podcast

Richard “Wolfie” Wolf, the Emmy Award- winning composer, multi-Platinum record producer and author is the host of WOLF IN TUNE Music & Mindfulness, a new podcast with a mission to help fend off what Wolf calls the “Four Horseman of the Musical Apocalypse": Anxiety, Depression, Addiction and Suicide. Through first-person accounts from professionals who have struggled to maintain their emotional and psychological well-being, Wolf seeks to help listeners understand and take control of their mental health.

         The WOLF IN TUNE Music & Mindfulness podcast is based on his book IN TUNE: MUSIC AS THE BRIDGE TO MINDFULNESS, which explores the special relationship between the worlds of music and mindfulness. Wolf breaks down how the two practices can work in harmony and provide benefits that anyone can relate to. Wolf sits down with working music professionals, mindfulness researchers and former addicts who share personal stories on how meditation has played a vital role in their recovery processes and how mindful practice has positively changed their perspectives on work, themselves, and the world around them. 

          Guests include Ricky Bell of New Edition and Bell Biv DevoeClyde Lieberman, Emmy-Award winning producer of the hit show The Voice; Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob, professional meditation teachers such as Diana Winston, the Director of UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, and many others. Through their conversations, listeners will gain insights and motivation to look at how meditation functions on a relatable level - and how to find peace in their own lives.