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#10 The Musical Mind Behind NBC's "THE VOICE" and "SONGLAND" - Clyde Lieberman

Clyde Lieberman is the 3 x Emmy Award Winning Supervising Producer of NBC's “The Voice”- the most watched Prime Time show of the last 10 years- and new music show "Songland". As Supervising Producer, Clyde is involved in the day to day production of every musical aspect of both shows. We are thrilled to be the platform for Clyde's first ever interview since becoming  Supervising Producer. Clyde started out in A&R and music publishing and he talks about his interactions with the Wu Tang Klan and The Roots, among others. In this episode we also discuss his management style and the guiding principles that influence his stewardship of  "The Voice" aka "the Zen of Clyde". He shares his perspective on the “The Art of Doing Nothing”, “The Power of No”, reluctant celebrities, record producer to TV producer, being true to your soul, modulating the ego, non-reactivity, consensus building and being a good listener. 

Listen to the episode here:

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