• Richard Wolf - Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness

#03 Meditating With The Glitch Mob - Justin Boreta

Justin Boreta is a founding member of the influential and iconic electronic group, The Glitch Mob. LA Weekly noted that they "have undoubtedly found the largest audience of any L.A. beat scene artist yet." Boreta explores the innate connections between music and mindfulness by creating songs out of recorded meditations, his latest project being a musical rendition of Alan Watt’s “Dream, Listen” meditation. Justin began his journey in meditation with TM, and from there became deeply interested in vipassana, or insight meditation. Justin discusses the importance of authenticity, and how learning to tell your own story is essential for a successful music career. He shares the wonders of the transformative moments found in silence, and how to restructure one’s relationship with pain.

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